KS B 1511-87, JIS B 2212-1972


Only the diameter of thin flange bolt and the thickness of cast iron flange are changed as in the table
The facing of flanges follow JIS B2202. However, large flat back faces marked by broken lines can be used if necessary
The size of t in the diagram is decided based on the pipe attachment method. Steel welding pipe flanges follow JIS B2222

The relationship between fluid condition and maximum pressure
Follow JIS B2201. However, thin flanges can be used for fluid with maximum working pressure of 7KGf/Р and the maximum
working temperature of 120‘C.

Flange material
Steel ... ... ... SC42, SS42, SF40, S20C      Malleable cast iron ... ... ... BMC 28      Cast iron ... ... ... GC 20

Bolt and nut material(for reference)
* For cast iron flanges and fluid temperature of 220‘C ・・・ SS41 as a principle ・・
* Other cases For bolts ・・・ SS50      For nuts ・・・ SS41